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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Inconsistent scores

Sometimes, the score for a website seems to be inconsistent. There are two reasons for that:
  1. Timing
  2. Webpages of one website have inconsistent scores
When a page is tested there are several tests started in parallel. Each test should finish in 3 seconds. Sometimes a test takes approximately 3 seconds. This could make a difference in the score. When one of the tests takes more then 3 seconds the test is incomplete.

Another timing issue is the load time. The site should be fast according to Google (that is load within 1.5 seconds) to earn a star. In this case it could depend on the moment of testing if a website earns an extra star or not.

In the graph below, based on Google's Site Performance, you will see that 80 percent of the website loads slower than 1.5 seconds.

Webpages of one website have inconsistent scores
We make the assumption that every page of a website will have the same score. However that is not always the case. When we tweet about the score, the URL is shorten as much as possible. Due to this fact it is not always clear which URL was tested.

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