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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Device independent

The SetextBrowser gives you semi Setext. In fact you see a valid HTML5 page. That's techno speak for a webpage written according to the latest standards. Great, but what's in it for you. Well, due to the fact that the SetextBrowser follow the standards you will be able to view the requested webpage at virtual any device. For example the SetextBrowser even works on a Nintendo DSi. Independent of your browser or your screensize, the requested page will be displayed correctly.

The trick to make it work is to have a separate liquid design for each type of devices. We use a small piece of javascript code to select the applicable design based on some characteristics of your browser. There are separate designs for:
  1. Normal screens and Notebooks;
  2. Mobile devives;
  3. Televisions;
  4. Printers.
This way the requested webpage will always look great.

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