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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Guidelines for Readable text

There are several guidelines for readable text on websites. Some guidelines are:
  1. Use a scalable font; 
  2. Maximize the color contrast between the text and the background;
  3. Avoid busy backgrounds;
  4. Strive for a clean font style;
  5. Choose a sans-serif font;
  6. Use plain text instead of italics;
  7. Use the standard link conventions (blue and underlined);
  8. Avoid text inbedded in graphics;
  9. Use a line length of 55-60 characters;
  10. Use a line spacing that is 2-3 points larger than the font size.
For Setext some guidelines are:
  1. Use a monotype font;
  2. The line length should be 68 characters (including the 2 leading spaces);
  3. Show a hyperlink as a normal text superseded with underscores like www.example.com_
The SetextBrowser is following almost all of these guidelines. As you see, there are some conflicts in these guidelines. For the SetextBrowser is chosen to follow the Setext guidelines instead of the general guidelines. 

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