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Wednesday, 13 April 2011


It was 1998 and I was working on a dream. I had an Apple Mac IIsi and tried to understand HTML and Javascript. At a regular base I read the e-mail news letter from Tidbits which was formatted in Setext.

I liked the idea of Setext. It is a simple and elegant way of formatting text. When Adam C. Engst wrote about Setext with his Nisus Writer, and how simple it was how to create it I was a little jealous. One day I decided to create a HTML 2 Setext converter myself. Recently I searched for it for the SetextBrowser project, and here it is ...

The original HTML 2 Setext converter

Do you see the limitations, it was not possible to enter an URL directly and most funny of all: the maximum number of characters in the HTML code was 2500. Larger webpages where not possible due to limitations of the browser (the hardware?).

Most important is, it was fun. The same fun I have now with the Zomdir project and the related subprojects like the SetextBrowser.

Have A Nice Smile :-)

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