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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Safe Browsing

On the internet there are many threats varying like phishing, viruses and ransomware. These threats might be loaded on almost any webpage. That is the reason that many websites don't trust any information entered on a form automatically. Often you have to enter a Captcha string to prove that you are a human instead of a malicious computerprogram or bot.

For example threats could be loaded on a website as a script, it could be a flash application or a malicious download.

Due to the fact that the SetextBrowser only gives you Setext, which contains ... text (and a little javascript). It seems almost impossible that your device get infected by browsing with the SetextBrowser.

Choose a browser without vulnerabilities
At this Wikipedia page you will find an overview of modern webbrowsers and their vulnerabilities. Note that for most browsers the Web Of Trust has created extensions for the most popular browsers. It is adviseable to install this extension.

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