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Monday, 16 May 2011

An alternative for Readability

The Setextbrowser was made for the ZOMDir project. It was never intended as an alternative for Readability. However it seems to be an alternative when you take a look at these findings:

  • Renders the contents as shown in the browser (With an advanced Javascript program all content shown in the browser gets a score, the texts with a relative high score are marked as text to be shown)
  • Shows images
  • Is configurable, for a better reading experience
  • Needs to be invoked for each webpage you visit, browsing the web in "readability mode" is not possible
  • Comes with a bookmarklet (Read now) which shows you a readable text with one click
  • Readability is currently intended to be used on individual articles, not homepages. For a homepage an extra click is necessary
  • Always starts with the article
  • Sometimes shows double content
  • Loads slower than the Setextbrowser Bookmarklet
  • Merge articles placed on two or more pages
  • Has add-ons for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. For Opera you have to use the Read now bookmarklet
  • The readability code is available at code.google.com and is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
The Setextbrowser
  • Renders the contents delivered by the server (An advanced Python program parses the original HTML code and converts it to valid HTML5 code which displays the text in the Setext format)
  • Does not show images
  • Is not configurable, however your browser will probably allow you to increase the font by pressing CTRL-+
  • Allows you browse the web without leaving the Setextbrowser
  • Comes with a bookmarklet (SetextBrowser) which shows you a readable text with one click
  • Is working on all pages
  • Starts most of the time with the article
  • Sometimes shows double content
  • Loads faster than the Readability Bookmarklet
  • Shows only the requested page
  • Has a bookmarklet which works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari
  • The Setextbrowser code is not available
It's up to you if the SetextBrowser is an alternative for Readability. The best way to compare these tools is to compare the bookmarklets (for both bookmarklets Javascript is required). You will find these bookmarklets at:

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