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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Bye Cynthia, welcome Wave

For years I was a fan of Cynthia Says... it was a great tool for checking the accessibility of a website. However a few days ago I discovered by tracking Bug 12918 that there is probably an issue with Cynthia Says...

When I informed HiSoftware Inc. about this issue I learned the following:
Cynthia says is a free service and it is based on older software which is no longer updated on a consistent basis. Our current software “Compliance Sheriff” is updated regularly and contains an open rules engine which allows a more robust validation due to rules being customized, etc.
Compliance Sheriff is not webbased, so for Website Quality at a Glance an alternative was neccesary. There seems to be two serious options:
  1. Wave
  2. AChecker
For this moment I have chosen for Wave, because it seems easier to use when you know the meaning of the icons ;-)

I hope you understand this choice.


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