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Friday, 26 July 2013

50.000 pages tested

Recently there where 50.000 pages tested at websitequality.zomdir.com. That's great. Even better is the distribution of the scores.

3% of the tested webpages got 1 star
35% of the tested webpages got 2 stars
40% of the tested webpages got 3 stars
18% of the tested webpages got 4 stars
4% of the tested webpages got 5 stars

I'm especially glad with the fact that only 4% of the tested webpages got 5 stars. This is important for me, because I use this technology to judge a webpage also for ZOMDir.com. When a webpage deserves 5 stars, that webpage will be highlighted with the word "Tip". 

These stats learns me that not every webpage will be highlighted. That's great, because otherwise the word "Tip" hasn't any value.

To be able to tune the algorithm "Website Quality at a Glance" was the first spin-off I created*. In the previous 2,5 years I have done once a minor tweak to get a slightly better distribution of the percentages. For this moment, I'm very statisfied with the results.

* At the time I created Website Quality at a Glance a lot of people thought that ZOMDir was only about testing other sites. It was difficult and fun to keep my lips sealed ;-)

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