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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Google Web Designer, first impressions

Google Web Designer is a wonderful tool for creating great ads.

The tool seems to focus on pixel perfect animations and 3D rotating of panes. Unfortunately, the learning curve is steep. You still have to know your CSS. When you want to use things like letter-spacing, you have to add this code manually. I didn't find an option in the interface to adjust this. 

I also didn't get the concept of animations allthough I have watched the given instruction videos like "Using the advanced timeline". For the moment I resign. The type of ads you are able to create with Google Web Designer are out of place when compared with the style of ZOMDir.com

So I don't think there will soon be a match between Google Web Designer and ZOMDir, allthough it is of course always possible that someone wants to use ZOMDir to create a collection of nice Google Web Designer examples ;-)

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