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Friday, 17 January 2014

The results of optimizing the performance

The result of minimizing of the number of requests by ZOMDir.com is huge. I have minimized the number of images by using CSS sprites and I have merged all CSS code in one file.

According to tools.pingdom.com there where in the past for a typical page 14 requests:

  • 7 images
  • 4 css files
  • 2 html file (due to an Ajax call there is an extra html file)
  • 1 javascript file
After that I have optimized the code there are 7 requests:
  • 4 images
  • 1 css file
  • 1 html file
  • 1 javascript file
With GTmetrix.com I have compared the old and the new version. The old version has:
The new version has:
  • Page Speed Grade: A (99%)
  • YSlow Grade: A (97%)
  • Total page size: 34.9KB
According to whichloadsfaster.zomdir.com the new version is 2.3x faster (the average over 100 runs). The average loadtime of the new version is 670ms instead of 1511ms for the old version.

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