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Friday, 30 December 2016

Which speedtest should I use?

There are a lot of speedtests which measure your download speed (or bandwidth) in bits per second. 

Chosing the right speedtest can be time consuming. Use this guide for finding your speedtest.

Fast internet

If you expect a download speed of 50Mbps or more? You should use:
Google Fiber's speedtest

Slow internet

If you want to measure the download speed in kbps you might try:
- Speedtest4.php
- Internet Speedtest of Toast.net

Instant results

Do you want instant results? Then you might try:
Internet Speed at a Glance
- or the slightly slomer Fast.com

Accurate results

Do you need an accurate speedtest? Make sure that you are the only person using the to be tested internet connection. Close all other programs and use one of the following speed tests:
- TestMy.net
- Bandwidth Place
- TestMySpeed
- Measurement Lab

Note that I don't suggest to use Ookla's speedtest.net despite this is one of the most used speedtests. When you use a computer this test is probably fine, however when you use a mobile phone or tablet you have to install an app. Hmmm. I don't like that.

Other speedtests

Not enough choice? Check this overview of speedtests at ZOMDir.com.

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