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Monday, 18 September 2017

Testing free broken link checkers for windows (or how to seperate 1 men from many boys)

After I have tested 8 free webbased broken link checkers I thought it is time to check free broken link checkers for windows.

Roughly the same requirements apply as in the earlier test. They are:

  • scan as much links as possible
  • scan as fast as possible
  • give correct results
  • respects robots.txt
I selected 8 windows based broken link checkers, including SEO checking tools. 4 of them are very limited in the free edition, like checking 500 links. Of the remaining 4 windows based broken link checkers only one broken link checker is fast enough for me. 

Xenu's Link Sleuth

Xenu's Link Sleuth is the only link checker which checks links at a reasonable speed. Of course it depends on your hardware, the configuration of Xenu's Link Sleuth and the site you check.  In my test environment Xenu's Link Sleuth checks 9 links per second.

All other windows based link checkers are much much slower. Number two checked 1 link per second. For other tools I recorded speeds like 1 link per 6 seconds and 1 link per 20 seconds. 

If you have a relative small site (less than 1,000 links to test) I recommend the free online link checker Broken Links at a Glance.

Hope this helps,

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