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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Dead Link City - A comparison of 8 Free Online Link Checkers

The site DeadLinkCity.com is a test site used by DeadLinkChecker.com.

I used this site to improve the link checker Broken Links at a Glance. Now it as good as DeadLinkChecker or, in my humble opinion, even better.

Take a look at these results.

1. Broken Links at a Glance
Tests 86 unique links, finds 75 broken links

2. DeadLinkChecker
Tests 95 links, finds 74 broken links

The difference between these link checkers is a link to the page http://www.deadlinkcity.com/disallowed/disallowed.html

This page should be blocked by robots.txt but isn't due to malformed code.

Instead of:
User-agent: *
Disallow: /disallowed/disallowed.html

this robots.txt file contains the code:
User-agent: *
Disallow: disallowed/disallowed.html

The difference of one "/" is the difference between blocked or not. See for yourself what a difference a "/" makes with this Robots.txt Testing Tool.

You might also use this Robots.txt Test Tool to see live if this "disallowed" page is really disallowed.

So DeadLinkChecker interprets the robots.txt file of DeadLinkCity incorrect, at the moment of writing this blogpost.

3. Online Domain Tools
Tests 85 links, finds 68 broken links

This link checker misses the following broken links:
  • disallowed/disallowed.html
  • error-page.asp?e=401
  • images/missing-command-icon.jpg
  • images/missing-video-poster.jpg
  • missing-button-formaction.asp
  • missing-head-profile.txt
  • missing-html-manifest.txt

4. W3C Link checker
Tests 79 links, finds 68 broken links

This link checker misses partly the same broken links. The missed broken links are:
  • disallowed/disallowed.html
  • images/missing-input-src.jpg
  • missing-button-formaction.asp
  • missing-form-action.asp
  • missing-input-formaction.html
  • missing-object-classid.html 
  • missing-object-codebase.html 

5. Dr. LinkCheck
Tests 51 links, finds 46 broken links

6. BrokenLinkCheck
Tests 49 links, finds 43 broken links

7. Internet Marketing Ninjas
Tests 50 links, finds 39 broken links

8. WebToolHub
Tests 54 links, finds 9 broken links

Good luck with your links, choose your link checker tool wisely and don't forget to check your links at a regular base.


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