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Monday, 9 October 2017

How DeadLinkCity improved "Broken Links at a Glance"

DeadlinkCity is a test site of www.deadlinkchecker.com.

The site contains several types of broken links similar to httpstat.us/

At DeadLinkCity it is stated that:
(...) There are 74 known bad links in DeadLinkCity.com, and one additional link which should not be reported if the tool obeys robots.txt directives. (...) The perfect score is 74 - the closer the number of reported errors is to 74, the more accurate the tool is. (...)

When I tested DeadlinkCity with "Broken Links at a Glance", the link checker discovered 56 broken links. That is far from perfect. 

Quickly I discovered that "Broken Links at a Glanceonly checks links mentioned in the href and src attribute.

So I decided to modify "Broken Links at a Glance". Now it also checks links which might be mentioned in the attributes:
  • action
  • archive
  • background
  • cite
  • classid
  • codebase
  • data
  • formaction
  • icon
  • longdesc
  • manifest
  • poster
  • profile
  • srcset
  • usemap

This list is based on these overviews of HTML 4 attributes and HTML 5 attributes.

Retesting DeadlinkCity with "Broken Links at a Glance" gives the almost perfect score of 72 broken links found.

Nice but it seems that I still miss the 3 URL's mentioned in the CSS code. So I updated "Broken Links at a Glance" that it also checks for links in the CSS code. The tool now finds 75 broken links.

That's one to much.

According to DeadLinkCity disallowed/disallowed.html shouldn't be tested, because it was mentioned in their robots.txt file. 

However the robots tester I use is very strict. It does allow this link because it didn't start with a "/".

Hopefully "Broken Links at a Glance" will be added to the Comparison Table of DeadLinkCity soon (and their robots.txt file will be corrected).


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