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Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Become a ZOMDir editor

A passion for lists? Love the "World Wide Web"? May be you should become an editor for ZOMDir.com. ZOMDir.com is the most flexible directory of the world.

What does a ZOMDir editor do?

As editor you add, update and remove links at "your pages" so that "your pages" contain quality links related to the page subject which respect the guidelines.

How do I become a ZOMDir editor?

To become a ZOMDir editor, the only thing that you have to do is start.

ZOMDir is an open wiki. Anyone is able to modify anything. However the best start is by viewing this Slideshare presentation

When you have done that, you might go to try.zomdir.com to experiment or you start direct at zomdir.com.

You are editor for the time you want. You might stop at any moment.

The only reward you might get is a record in ZOMDir's hero list.

ZOMDir is a robust directory, just give it a try.

Thanks, and happy editing,

ZOMDir.com is a dynamic directory and a wiki
Everyone is able to add a link in 10 seconds
To learn more view this Slideshare presentation

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