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Tuesday 30 December 2014


In the past I used at a regular base whichloadsfaster.com. Recently I discovered that this website doesn't work any more. Luckily Ryan Witt, who has conceived and written whichloadsfaster, has stored the original code at GitHub. Besides that Ryan has stated at the about page that:

whichloadsfaster is open source, written in HTML and JavaScript and runs entirely on the client-side. You can host the files on your own site and tweak them to suit your own nefarious plans. We promise not to tell.
Although it is not the core business of ZOMDir.com, I created my own version of whichloadsfaster.

whichloadsfaster.zomdir.com is slightly different from the GitHub version.

  • The order of the menu items is more logical;
  • There is now a copyright statement according to the license;
  • Some texts are changed (mainly on the splash screen);
  • The stats (Google Analytics and Clicky) are removed;
  • The default behavior is now serial instead of parallel;
  • There is a favicon now.

The most important change however is the accuracy, now the duration is rounded at 100ms due to the fact that there was a huge deviation when you repeat tests for really fast webpages like example.zomdir.com and example.com.

Hope that this tool give you a clue about the performance of your website.


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