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Monday, 5 June 2017

Four years ZOMDir

June 5, 2017, ZOMDir is exactly four years old. Time to reflect.

According to the stats more than 33.000 links are added and more the 7.000 links are removed. 

The total number of links is somewhere between 25.000 and 26.000 links. A respectable number of links.

So in 4 years time more than 20% of the links was removed. That even applied to the first link added to ZOMDir. 

To honor DMOZ (the inspirator of ZOMDir), the first link added was DMOZ.org. However last year this directory vanished, as did Yahoo a year earlier.

Luckily I have a backup of both directories but I doubt if I'm able to transfer these links to ZOMDir.


Till now ZOMDir isn't very popular. Almost never ZOMDir occurs in the search results of Google or Bing. 

When ZOMDir occurs in the search results then it is because someone searches for "bridge" (the card came). Probably because a lot of the first links added are related to Dutch bridgeclubs.

Regarding languages. Most links added are Dutch, some are in English and some are in Frysk.

The most links have been added by my father and myself. Note that my father loves to bridge :-)

I've tried make editing ZOMDir a game by allowing people to create an account and earn karma points. So I created a herolist. It's clear that some people added some links but that it wasn't that addicting as supposed.

Luckily, ZOMDir is a hobby project so that it isn't a great success doesn't matter that much. I'm still glad I have this hobby.

One of the fun things is that I have created a lot of tools. These tools reflect my opinion regarding websites. They should be safe, fast, accessible and have a certain quality.

Should I stay or should I go?

ZOMDir isn't that succesfull as I hoped when I created the site. Although I think I created a superb linkdirectory almost nobody is really interested.

Should I quit like Yahoo! and DMOZ? No, that isn't necessary. There isn't a reason to continu but at the other hand there isn't a reason to stop.

So expect a few more links at ZOMDir.com the next year, and feel free to help.

Best regards,

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