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Monday, 11 March 2019

Alternatives for Dr. Link Check

Dr. Link Check is a great online link checker. The checker is available in four variants:
  1. Lite
  2. Standard
  3. Professional
  4. Premium
The Lite version is free. However this Lite plan includes 7,500 links per month, but each website check is limited to 2,500 links.

Besides that the Lite version doesn't include a blacklist check. So the only thing Dr. Link Check Lite checks if a link will work or not. Even redirected links are not noticed.

As alternative for Dr. Link Check Lite I suggest Broken Links at a Glance. This webbased link checker is limited to 1,000 links per website, however:
  • There is a blacklist check;
  • Redirected links are noticed;
  • The check is often faster; 
  • And last but not least, the quality of the check is better than that of Dr. Link Check.
Dr. Link Check tested with Dead Link City gives 69 broken links white Broken Links at a Glance detected all 74 broken links.

Dr. Link Check tested with httpstat.us gives 35 broken links (in roughly 2 minutes) while Broken Links at a Glance found 53 broken links within roughly 15 seconds.

Testing a relative small site (with circa 750 links/ 480 unique links) gives the following results:
  • Dr. Link Check found 9 broken links in rougly 3 minutes.
  • Broken Links at a Glance found 13 broken links (and 115 redirected links) in 50 seconds.

So for small sites I recommend Broken Links at a Glance. For large sites I suggest the Windows program Xenu's Link Sleuth.

Hope this helps,

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