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Monday 11 January 2021

How important is the technical quality of a website?

January 11, 2021 I started a project to test the importance of the technical quality of a website. With Mobile SEO factors that matters I have created a technical almost perfect website regarding mobile SEO.

This website doesn't rank in Google at this moment because it is brand new.

In this blog, I track the position of 'Mobile SEO factors that matters' in Google search results over time when you search for 'Mobile SEO'.

So I'd say ... Stay tuned.

2021 March 29. Updated the web page. The fieldset / legend structure used before is replaced by a classical header / paragraph structure.

2021 March 29. "Mobile SEO factors that matters" is not found at the first ten pages of Google.

2021 March 17. Google mails me "Google systems confirm that on Mar 15, 2021 we started collecting Google Search impressions for your website in Search Console. This means that pages from your website are now appearing in Google search results for some queries."

2021 January 26. I got a redirect error from this blog for "Mobile SEO factors that matters". It's to soon to get results and indeed. The site is not found.

2021 January 13. "Mobile SEO factors that matters" is not in Google's index, so I requested indexing. The url is now in the priority crawl queue.